Thursday, December 20, 2012



aha...gempaq x entry tittle aku..hoho i feel like i'm going to share my opinion bout virginity..decades ago virginity is something priceless for gurl b4 they get married..bersungguh la jaga nie ashamed if ur husband found out that you are not virgin anymore at the first night.. cerita dulu2 our great great great grandparents kan akan letak kain putih kat katil mase 1st night kan to check their daughter-in-law ni virgin ke x...

i am not sure why but based on my chit chat with some of guys, they said that now they do not mind either their partner still virgin or not...they can accept it as long as their partner be honest to them. oh man...! i can't believe this..macam ridiculous pon ader gak.. maybe dorang nie sembang jer lebih...dalam hati...only Allah know.

b4 married mgkin yer la kan x the end, when having a problem, mesti mengungkit punya la...cayalah cakap wa.. yar..its depends on guys gak kan..hey i'm not saying all guys don't mind about their partners' virginity ok...

4 me, as a muslimah gitew, we must protect our virginity for the right man..our Mr. H..lalalla do not simply give it..kalau guys kat luar tu sayang korang, they will not ask to get it la..they should protect us not taking "something" from us..

sometimes i do feel afraid what kind of test that Allah will give to me but i hope that its not about maksiat..nauzubillah..minta dijauhkan diriku dan keluargaku dari terlibat dalam masalah yang menjatuhkan maruah diri sendiri, keluarga dan agama Islam...ameen

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